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01/07/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Tony at Home Video Studio provided exceptional service transferring my 20 year old Hi-8mm Video's to Digital format. He is friendly and very professional all around. You can tell after speaking with him for just a few minutes, how much passion he has for providing this service. I especially much appreciated him expediting some of my tapes to give to my family as a Christmas Present! It made for a great Christmas morning watching Home "Movies" with our now adult children.

- James Spadafora from Florence, NJ

09/06/2018 Video Services

Tony at Home Video Studio did a great job putting old home movie video into a digital format. Great to have them, and to know that they'll be accessible in the future!

- Amy Menzel from Hammonton, NJ

08/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Tony transferred approximately ten 8mm and VHS tapes to a thumb drive for me. For my husband's 50th birthday we were able to view video footage we hadn't seen in 20+ years on a computer. Tony is a lovely person to work with, and I felt 100% safe leaving all of my videos with him during the process. He did a perfect job of transferring all videos and he did it in an incredibly short timeframe so that the videos would be ready for my husband's birthday. I cannot recommend Tony enough. He is wonderful to work with and provides a wonderful service for a price that is more than fair.

- E. Smith from Southampton, NJ

07/27/2018 Video to DVD

Tony did a wonderful job of transferring an old VHS tape to a DVD! My wife and I are very pleased with his work and the fast time that he completed our transfer to DVD. Great job! We'll be sure to use your service for our future projects!

- Len Nardone from Sicklerville, NJ

05/07/2018 Video to DVD

I contacted Tony to have some precious home VHS tapes converted to DVD. He not only produced them quickly but they're all labeled and marked and the packaging is fabulous. I'll definitely recommend him!

- Lisa D'Aprile from Philadelphia

04/09/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I contacted Tony to have some old VCR tapes converted over to DVD and was very happy with his services. Tony educated me on some things and took the time explain how things work. I'll look forward to doing business with him in the future.

- Adrian Howell from Willingboro

01/29/2018 Video to DVD

I wanted to have a VCR tape transferred to a DVD for my husband's birthday. Tony did a great job and in a very short time so that I was able to have it in time for the birthday party. He was great to work with and very professional.

- Sue from Delran

01/18/2018 Video to DVD

Working with Tony was a great experience. He did a fantastic job organizing our videos onto dvds. He made the process quick and easy. I highly recommend his services

- Dean Andrew from Moorestown, NJ

11/07/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

I read testimonies about Tony and at first was skeptical. I talked to my husband and he said to give it a try. Were we ever glad we did! My husband came back so excited that he had to drive another old 16" reel back to be transferred to a CD. We listened to voices we hadn't heard in 50 years!! We cried all the way listening with tears of happiness and memories. Would not hesitate to use Tony again when we clean out our next closet to see what treasures we can find!

- A'nde from Cherry Hill,NJ

11/04/2017 Video to DVD

I found Tony's business online and I am so satisfied with his work. He transferred both VHS and Beta video tapes to DVD for me and also a cassette transfer to an audio file! His prices are reasonable compared to other studios out there and he always makes you feel welcome. I recommend him highly!

- Florence Twigg from Maple Shade

09/29/2017 Video to DVD

Tony restored & edited live VHS tapes of my band performing live over 30yrs ago! The quality was excellent, the packaging was very professionally done & it took less than a week to complete. I'm currently compiling 3more for another I plan to use as christmas surprise presents.Thank you Tony & like Arnold, "I'll be back" . . .

- frank ventimiglia from bordentown, nj

09/28/2017 Video to DVD

It was a pleasure to find someone so close to me that had such expertise that i needed for my mom's upcoming 99th birthday, this past August. Tony was wonderful and easy to work with. He came through for me and my mom and the whole family was able to see my mothers wedding film from 1946 on a DVD. We all loved it. Thank you again Tony for preserving such precious memories.

- Geri D from Mount laurel

09/19/2017 Home Movie Transfer

While looking to find an idea for my 20th wedding Anniversary, a co-worker needed to transfer a VHS tape to DVD and I thought, what a great idea to put my wedding VHS tape on DVD and watch with the wife and kids after 20 years. Tony was very professional and easy to work with. The DVD was completed when he said it would be, the quality and the price was right. I would use Tony's services again and have recommended him to family and friends.

- James from Burlington Twp

09/13/2017 Video to DVD

I never thought I'd be able to see my family playing football again. My VHS tapes were over 30yrs old. I happened to find Tony online and called right away. He had me drop off my tapes and in 1 week I once again was able to pop a DVD into the machine and watch my husband and my late brother in law in their glory days. I can't thank Tony enough. His prices are more than reasonable and he is such a nice guy. I plan on having more work done in the future! Thank you so much Tony!

- Robin Soto from Mount Laurel

09/12/2017 Video to DVD

I would definately recommend Tony McCall to do any transfer. I held onto my wedding tape for many years b/c I was afraid it would get lost in the mail or in the process. Tony is located in Burlington County so I was able to drop off the tape and pick it up. There were no worries about it getting lost. He is a very personable guy and I would trust him to do any work for me. Not only that but he was able to finish it earlier than promised. You can't get better than it! He runs a very professional operation and I am well pleased with him and his work.

- Val Donor from Marlton, NJ

08/29/2017 Video to DVD

Tony is a true professional, he not only repaired the tape but put it to a DVD. I was very impressed with his work and with his stated time frame. Would do this again if the need arose. thanks Tony

- Gene Poliniak from Willingboro,NJ

08/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Tony McCall converted close to 25 Hi8 Digi tapes to DVD. Most tapes were 18 to 20 years old with a lot of blank tapes between recordings and background noise. Tony addressed blank recording errors and corrected the background noise. Our family had great time viewing these tapes over and over again. I have another 20+ tapes and will be heading over to get them converted. Tony is very amicable and working with him was a pleasant experience. He is truly professional and his work is very much appreciated. Would love to recommend Tony ("Home Video Studio") to anyone looking for a professional to convert their tapes.

- Vengat Djearaman from Kendall Aprk

08/08/2017 Video to DVD

Tony transferred my old VHS to DVD 's. HE DID AN EXCELLENT job. I am truly satisfied and would recommend him to anyone. His work is flawless, and very professional. Pictures on my IPhone were transferred to a DVD with appropriate music which makes the DVD A pleasure to watch. If anyone is considering on transferring VHS or photos to a DVD I would truly recommend using his services if you want quality work.

- Anita from Willingboro NJ

06/05/2017 Video to DVD

My wife and I received excellent service transferring our VHS to DVD. Tony explained our options and the benefits accruing from the high standards used by Home Video Studio. Our original VHS had its quality challenges, but the DVD exceeded the outcome we expected... and it was delivered quickly. This Home Video Studio and its operator, Tony McCall, has earned my highest recommendation. We will return for additional services.

- Eddie Durham from Florence, NJ

05/24/2017 Home Movie Transfer

After finding a bunch of old 8mm tapes of our children growing up, I wanted to surprise my husband by having them transferred onto DVD's. I found Tony's website and mailed him the tapes. Tony notified me as soon as he received them. And it was comforting to know that I could call him at any time during his business hours, and he would personally answer the phone and take his time answering all of my questions. When the DVD's were completed, Tony shipped them, and my original 8mm tapes, back to me. I was very impressed with how nicely he organized and labeled the sequence of events on each DVD. Also, the DVD covers were decorated with small photo clips taken from each tape. Needless to say, my husband loved the DVD's and had a great time watching them with our kids. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio... you are in good hands with Tony!

- Kathy Benner from Sewell, NJ

04/20/2017 Video to DVD

I found Tony on the web. He returned my call promptly. I had a video, not available on DVD, that was my son's favorite as a child. I wanted the DVD made so that my grandson could enjoy it as much as his father had. Tony did a beautiful job making the transfer, He even produced a beautiful cover for the DVD. My grandson loved it! Now I'm looking forward to Tony transferring all my home family videos to DVD. Tony is a very nice man, who does beautiful work in a timely manner. I'm very glad I found him for this service and recommend him very highly. Thank you Tony!

- Joann Farrell from Burlington

04/13/2017 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with Tony and his service. It was comforting to have priceless memories in his hands. I was completely satisfied with his work and suggestions. He is very reliable and accommodating.

- Diane from Burlington

03/20/2017 Video to DVD

I have been using Tony for my video transfer to DVD for awhile now (I have many!). Each job returns to me professionally done, complete with cover. My next project will be my slides. I know I can count on Tony for quality pics in a timely manner. Thanks, Tony!

- Salli Gordon from Mt. Laurel

03/10/2017 Video to DVD

Very pleased, the package was professional quality and better than expected.

- Andrew from Burlington Twp

02/27/2017 Video to DVD

Tony the videos you made were great! Everyone is enjoying them and the outstanding work you did! Glad you had your phone number on the discs, you saved me tons of time when everyone asked how to find you. Thank you for your great work. I'll be back! Best regards, Rick Bernstein

- Rick Bernstein from Somers Point, NJ

12/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Tony does a great job. I don't know how many hours of 8mm video cassettes I had. Probably 20+ hours worth with many of low quality. Tony transferred all in great shape and had the DVD's back before the holidays.

- Dave H from Hamilton

12/21/2016 Video to DVD

I had an old VHS video I used to use for training workshops, but had to stop using several years ago. My husband found Tony's webpage online and called him up just a few days before my next workshop. Tony turned around a very professional-looking DVD version within 24 hours. This gave me more options for my presentation and really saved the day when something went wrong with my PowerPoint during the workshop. Thank you, Tony. You're the best! -- Kate Blisard, Disability Policy Consultant, Titusville, NJ

- Kate Blisard from Titusville, NJ

12/21/2016 Video to DVD

Absolutely beautiful job!!! I had called around to various places and the price here was hands down the best. I love how each of the dvd's are marked and organized, very professional, excellent service!

- Barb from Palmyra

12/19/2016 Video to DVD

Tony came as a recommendation from a friend. He did a fantastic job for her and he did a fantastic job for me! He is very responsive to emails and phone calls, very professional, and very polite. Most importantly he safely transferred my beloved videos onto a DVD to enjoy for years to come in a fast and professional manner. Thank you so much, Tony!

- Kathy from Marlton

10/15/2016 Video to DVD

Anthony was so gracious. Unfortunately our Father had passed away and we wanted some video memories to share at the memorial service. As everything was mostly on 8mm tapes, Anthony made a compilation of exactly what I was looking for and did it so quickly for me. I would recommend his services anytime. Thank you Anthony

- Eileen Brown from Tabernacle

09/22/2016 Video Editing

Tony at Home Video Studio accomplished our project in a very timely manner and with great precision. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any video editing project in the future. Pastor Jeff Kliewer

- Pastor Jeff Kliewer from Mount Holly, NJ

08/22/2016 Video to DVD

Tony has done several transfers from VHS tapes to DVDs for us. It is so nice to have those family memories on DVDs for our continued enjoyment and also to give to family members. We recommend him to friends and relatives. Tony is such a nice person to do business with. Thank you Tony!

- Lorraine W. from Moorestown, NJ

08/20/2016 Video to DVD

Tony at Home Video Studio has been so wonderful and accommodating to work with. It is so exciting to finally watch 20 years of my family's videos from our video tapes, on my TV again. The price, quality, and service are unbeatable! Thank you Tony! Lorraine, Magnolia NJ

- Lorraine R. from Magnolia, NJ

07/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Tony You did a tremendous job transferring our 8mm tapes to DVD. Your work was timely and professionally done. I'm so glad I found you and highly recommend you to anyone looking to save their old home videos. Thank you so much. Bill

- Bill Rowe from Marlton

07/14/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Trading a box of forgotten tapes for a set of beautifully labeled DVDs containing years of wonderful moments has been one of the better decisions I have ever made. The pleasure of re-watching old memories with the family was priceless and thanks to Tony, those memories are safe from damage forever. Superb service and price, "highly recommended" doesn't do justice to how pleased I am with Tony's service

- Emilio DelToro from EAST WINDSOR

07/09/2016 Video to DVD

Tony, I am so glad I found you. Thank you for transferring my vhs movies to DVDs. I am thrilled to watch my 25 year old daughter as an infant. Seeing these movies after all these years was amazing. Your work is awesome and you were a pleasure to do business with. I will recommend you to anyone with any video needs they may have. I will be seeing you soon for more things I need done. ~Duffy~

- Duffy from Burlington, NJ

07/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is so easy going and great to work with. He is transferring about 60 tapes for me and I couldn't be happier with the way they're produced. I have recommended him to everyone I talk to. It is so wonderful to see my videos again after 30 years!!!

- Lorraine from Magnolia

06/28/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Tony, I want to thank you for your expertise in converting a precious cassette tape recorded in 1993 to digital format on a CD. I listened to the tape about my father's escapades escaping the Holocaust, which brought priceless satisfaction to me.. Everything was crystal clear as if I was talking with my father today. Thanks, Ralph in Cherry Hill

- Ralph Shaya from Cherry Hill, NJ

06/28/2016 Video Editing

Tony, thank-you so much for producing my daughter's college graduation video! You were able to transform what appeared to be an insurmountable task into a pleasant, systematic and organized experience. The thought of distilling video and still shots of my daughter over the past 22 years into a 10 minute video seemed impossible. You were able to incorporate all of my ideas and fulfill the vision I had for the video. Everything from the music selection to audio and visual enhancements were just perfect. My daughter played the video over and over again. The incorporation of family members who have gone home to be with the Lord just brought people to tears. I guess that's what you do, keep memories alive! Thanks again, Christine

- Christine Salvatore from Egg Harbor City, NJ

06/27/2016 Video to DVD

Tony, A great job moving our 30 years of home movies from several different types of tapes to DVD's. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who expresses an interest in doing the same! Ed Amorosi

- Ed Amorosi from Sewell, NJ

05/21/2016 Video to DVD

We thank you so much Tony. You did an awesome job transferring our VHS tapes to DVDs!! The DVDs were carefully created with the highest of quality. Thank you for helping us preserve our memories!!!

- Patty & John from Hamilton Square, NJ

05/12/2016 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with Home video Studio. Tony provided timely and professional service at a reasonable cost. And even though my job was not large in scale, the attention to detail was impressive. There were features provided that I did not expect and I continue to be pleasantly surprised as I work with the media, discovering more features each time. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone needing prompt, professional video processing at a reasonable price. Thanks Tony!

- Kevin Rodgers from Marlton, NJ

05/12/2016 Video to DVD

My two daughters and I were able to give their Mom (and my wife) a great gift thanks to Tony. While we were able to give Tony some lead time, he was able to convert about 12 VHS and Cassettes to DVD in time for a great Mother's Day gift. It had been 10 years and more since we watched many of these tapes (since we no longer have a working VHS player. TEARS OF JOY on Mother's Day! Thank You Tony! for the great work! Tony completed the job as he said he would and ahead of the original date he had committed to!!

- Jim R. from Turnersville, NJ

05/09/2016 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the work that was done and it was done quickly. It was a really good experience. Thank you!!

- Jennifer from Roebling

05/03/2016 Video to DVD

I was visiting family in Moorestown, NJ last month and needed to convert a VHS (from 1991) to DVD. This was a rush request as I was only there for a short time and the VHS tape was broken on top of that. I called Tony at Home Video Studio and asked if he could this for me. He said to bring it right over and he would take care of it. Two days later Tony called to advise the DVD was ready. I was blown away at the professional job he did from the copy to the DVD case. This was very important to me since several of the people in the video have passed away. I will always use Home Video Studio for my future needs.

- Stephen Munns from Destin, FL

04/18/2016 Video to DVD

Tony did a fabulous job bringing old memories back to life. His fast service and care to our treasured memories are truly appreciated.

- Shanti Prem from Beverly, NJ

04/15/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for helping me to make my boyfriend's birthday so special this year. I can't tell you how much this video means to him. I will keep you in mind for my future projects and I very much will recommend your services to my family and friends. Sincerely, Courtney McBride

- Courtney McBride from Ardmore, PA

04/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Tony took a pile of home videos from 2 decades ago and made them into albums of preserved memories for my family! We are having so much fun watching . We thought these memories were lost on tapes that we could not play! Tony was awesome!

- Cathy Edson from Eastampton

03/22/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We had DVDs made from our 8mm film home movies of my daughters growing up and it was the best present I ever gave to my girls. Everyone enjoyed the movies and Tony did an unbelievable job. Don't wait as many years as I did to have it done. Go see Tony now and enjoy the memories..............

- Diana Raroah from Collingswood, NJ

03/22/2016 Video to DVD

Tony does a great job!! He's the best. I've got so many more tapes for him to digitize. He's done great work with the ones I'd provided. I should be back there very soon. Very professional work.

- David Horowitz from Hamilton, NJ

03/22/2016 Video to DVD

I went to Home Video Studio which happened to be very close to my client. I've had pleasure meeting with Tony and had very professional service of transferring data to DVD from VHS tape. It came out quit nicely and I am 100% satisfied. Tony even did it for me same day, so I was able to pick the DVD up in the afternoon. What a express service! I can recommend the Studio to any of my friend, anybody I know. Thanks, Tony.

- KC Nagy from Palisades Park, NJ

03/22/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We came to Home Video Studio with a quick turn-around project of taking a reel of vintage 1960's home movie footage and having it converted into a DVD presentation. Not only was the project done ahead of the time projected, but it was finished off with appropriate music scoring, titles and credits. Tony did a fantastic job on the project and was terrific in his service and follow-up as well. "Great work at a Great price from Great people". We highly recommend Home Video Studio for ALL of your home video / movie / slides and photograph - digital conversion services ! David Thomas May Director of Music & Performing Arts Burlington City High School

- David May from Burlington, NJ

03/15/2016 Photo Videos

Professional, Personal, and Polished! Tony provided exceptional services in creating a memorable photo show for my guests as we celebrated a milestone.

- Libby from Lawrenceville

03/07/2016 Video to DVD

Tony's service and quality were outstanding. I will undoubtedly recommend him to others.

- Raymond from Westampton

02/16/2016 Duplications

I only used Tony once but would certainly use him again. He is an expert on the technical 'stuff'. But more than that he added appropriate personal touches to my A/V without my prompting. Great job and thank you.

- Al Mizenko from Columbus

02/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a fantastic job transferring 30 reels of stale 8mm film from the early 70's to a beautiful DVD format. Like a chef at a fancy restaurant, Tony utilized the ingredients given him to create a visual masterpiece with a strong focus on organization, flow, and packaging. Oh, and he's an absolute pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend Tony for all your video transfer or production needs! ~ Jarod

- Jarod Gilman from Cherry Hill, NJ

01/16/2016 Video to DVD

I wasn’t comfortable with mailing my VHS tapes for transfer. Luckily, a web search introduced me to Home Video Studio, where I could hand deliver my tapes to Tony McCall. He was professional and accommodating, beginning with our first phone conversation. Tony viewed the tapes along with me to select only the parts I wanted transferred. He did an awesome job, transferring segments of two tapes onto a single DVD. The finished product is a treasure. And the packaging is far more than I ever expected. Sally... Mt Laurel

- Sally Cox from Mt. Laurel, NJ

12/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

The job requested ( transfer super 8 mm films to DVD) was done professionally and on time. This company is reliable, honest and it is a pleasure to deal with Tony.

- Pascal S. from West Windsor

12/03/2015 Video Services

Tony is great. Helped me by converting old video and slides to digital versions I can work with. A very nice person providing efficient service.

- Heidi Winzinger from Mt. Holly, NJ

11/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is very professional, completes the work exactly to my requirements, timely, reliable and does amazing work. I would highly recommend Tony for any video transfer and design work. He always exceeds my expectations.

- Rob Shestack from My Laurel

11/27/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks to Tony for doing such a great job converting our VHS wedding video to DVD. He really exceeded our expectations with the quality. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends. All the best, Phil B. Burlington, NJ

- Phil Bricker from Burlington, NJ

11/18/2015 Video Editing

After finding this business on the internet, TONY McCALL - HOME VIDEO STUDIO has proven to be a tremendous asset to our ministry. Tony McCall provided us with prompt, expert service. Going above and beyond to deliver the products that we needed. We will be utilizing Tony McCall’s Home Video Studio for all of our upcoming projects. IF YOU WANT YOUR PROJECTS HANDLED WITH THE PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL CARE, AND ATTENTION THAT THEY DESERVE, WE WHOLE HEARTILY RECOMMEND TONY MCCALL'S HOME VIDEO STUDIO. OUT OF FIVE STARS, THIS IS A FIVE STAR BUSINESS! FRED AND JOY SMITH

- Fred & Joy Smith from Philadelphia, PA

11/06/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Tony helped me covert some old family audio reel to reel tapes to CDs. His patient, upbeat & competent attitude made dealing with him a pleasure. Add to that his prompt service and careful handling of my family treasures and it was a great experience! Thanks Tony.

- Cathryn Bond Doyle from Medford Lakes, NJ

10/03/2015 Video to DVD

I needed some security sensitive surveillance video footage that I could not let out of my possession, transferred from a SD card onto a DVD so, that if something would happen to the SD card I would have the DVD as a back up. After contacting several businesses that could not accommodate my needs, by either having to keep it overnight, sending it out for processing or just did not sound professional enough, I went on line and miracles do happen, I found Tony McCall's Web site, what a BLESSING!. I called and Tony answered promptly, having professionalism, and the answers to my needs, I let Tony do the work and I am completely satisfied . I already had more work done and a recent wedding video Tony is doing. Tony, I could not thank you enough. You are my GO TO guy. Keep up the excellent work. Best regards, John H.


09/25/2015 Video to DVD

Just had Tony transfer 108 minutes of family film to DVD. Great job Tony! Love the photos on the box. Thank You. I will be back!

- Wendy Kates from Cherry Hill. NJ

09/24/2015 Video Editing

I had a VHS converted to DVD, copies of a DVD made, and several shows edited. The work was done well, quickly, and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Bruce Clough from Hightstown, NJ


Tony McCall is the quintessential audio-visual media transfer professional and a true gentleman. I highly recommend his services without any qualification and will use him again.

- Lloyd Birnbaum from Cherry Hill, NJ

09/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony transferred old home family movies from my childhood on to DVD and added music to the background.The printed DVD case was nicely done too.He did so in a timely manner and was honest and very nice through the whole process. I am looking forward to surprising my mother with this treasure of the past at her 90th birthday celebration. I will be using his service again to transfer my own family 8mm DVD.

- Maureen Moorer from MOORESTOWN, NJ

08/31/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony from Home video studio took all my old film and made them look awesome on new DVDs. Now they are organized with music background where there was no sound . My family is very pleased with Tony and his work. He really took his time and his presentation was great. I would tell all my family and friends to use Tony. John Davis A happy customer

- John Davis from Westampton, NJ

08/24/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

I could not be happier with the work Tony did for me, by taking a micro cassette tape with an important conversation on it, that I had taped, but much to my horror when I played it back, the sound was barely audible! I went searching thru Google for someone who I thought might be able to help me....Tony's Website ( immediately caught my eye! He answered my call himself, which as you know is a rarity these days! Also, keep in mind it was after 7pm, so I was prepared to leave a voice message! Tony could not have been nicer, and after I explained my dilemma, he quickly reassured me that he could help me! He told me step by step what I needed to do, and after following his directions, I mailed the micro cassette to Tony's studio. Tony's turn around time was amazing and impressive! No sooner had I mailed it away, when I received the work he had completed, which involved transferring my barely audible micro cassette conversation onto a high quality CD! Now the conversation I feared I would never be able to use for intended purposes, is crisp and you can hear the recorded conversation as if in the same room with the person! I can't say enough about my satisfaction with Tony's work! Keep in mind this was by no means a big or expensive job for him, but he handled it as a true professional, and gave it the attention I had hoped to find, but feared I would not! So do not search any further, because you will be 100% satisfied with the services Tony can provide for you! Nanci Skroski

- Nancy Skroski from Galloway, NJ

08/21/2015 35mm slide transfer

I have entrusted Tony at Home Video Studio with almost a thousand slides to transfer onto thumbdrives and he's done an excellent job at a reasonable cost. I would and have recommended him to several friends and relatives. Paula

- Paula Thoennes from Hamilton, NJ

08/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We had a great experience working with Tony McCall in saving and digitizing our treasured home movies. The films spanned three decades starting in the late 1940s. Tony is very professional and a pleasure to work with. In order to provide us with still images which will be used as titles/chapter selection for each individual film reel in the final set of DVDs, Tony carefully scanned the original Kodak boxes in which our Dad kept his films. This preserves Dad's distinctive handwriting and helps display the contents of each film. Tony goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy. Mary & Rod

- Mary & Rod Tulloss from Roosevelt, NJ

08/05/2015 Video Production

Tony did a fantastic job creating and editing the video advertisement for my company website! I highly recommend his service! He was able to give advice on my script and was patient with me as I had to say my lines over and over and over again. Once the videos were completed Tony worked diligently to have the videos edited in a matter of days! He was able to suggest different background for my videos that really enhanced the overall quality. I am very happy with my videos and happy with Tony's professional service! D. Brown

- D. Brown from WILLINGBORO

07/20/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

While searching for a local vendor who could transfer my dad's tape recordings to CDs so he could listen to them in his new car I found Tony and I'm so glad I did! I was happy that I did not have to mail the tapes because I was more afraid of the mail losing my dad's tapes more than anything else! Tony was available on Saturday to meet at his office and have me drop them off directly too him. It was great. The transfers were completed in a timely fashion and my dad loved it for his father's day gift! Thank you for such professional service! I know I'll be seeing you again for other video and audio projects, and I will certainly be passing your name along to friends and family!

- Lisa Joyce from Hamilton, NJ

06/15/2015 Video to DVD

Tony initially converted 20+tapes for our family as a Christmas present to our daughters - sharing their life with them. I had found 8 more videos, but before I could get them to Tony, my car was destroyed by a car fire. He did what he could, and was able to salvage 2 of the tapes. His work was very much appreciated.

- Elizabeth Price from Columbus, NJ

06/05/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was wonderful to work with. I needed to transfer a VHS to a DVD with little time to accomplish. Tony, via phone call was proactive in responding and had the project completed with time to spare. I recommend him to everyone. In today's business environment it is very challenging finding people who care and TRULY want to exceed your expectation's. Again, Tony you are the BEST!!

- mike brindisi from marlton

05/29/2015 Video to DVD

I was on Wheel of Fortune in 1989, and Tony took the old, scratchy VHS recording and turned it into a DVD that has become a party favorite :) Tony also took my family home movies and preserved those cherished memories in a format that allows changing from one event on the DVD to another very easily. As a small business owner, I appreciated the hands on service Tony provided. He is professional, friendly and gets the job done in a timely manner. I'll be dropping off more vids shortly to have converted and would recommend his services to everyone. Thank you, Tony- you're the best!

- Salli G. from Mt. Laurel, NJ

05/12/2015 Video to DVD

Tony was great! Quick and seamless.....unlike Walgreens!!! Also a great guy to work with, I will use again!

- Garrett Smith from Neptune, NJ

04/11/2015 Video to DVD

Tony was a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and will do his best to make sure you get quality results. I had multiple VHS tapes transferred to DVD and they all came out great and include nice cover work with thumbnail images from my home made videos. I have recommended Home Video Studio to several family members.

- Matt Flynn from Palmyra, NJ

03/16/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

While searching for a local vendor who could transfer an old micro cassette recording to something usable, I found you, and I'm so glad I did! You were available, and you were able to complete this transfer in the same day without any problem at all. This is a project I had thought about doing for several years, and I was thrilled to find someone locally who could do this for me. Thank you for such professional service! I know I'll be seeing you again for other video and audio projects, and I will certainly be passing your name along to friends and family.

- Janice Steinbeck from Marlton, NJ

03/11/2015 Video to DVD

Hone Video Studio transferred a set of 12 VHS tapes to two DVD's (six copies in all) for me to share with siblings. This is going to allow us to have hours of laughter and great conversation. The transfer tooK place in just a few days. This is the place to go for all your video needs/wants. Thanks for a job well done.

- Dana Deyampert from Westampton

03/05/2015 Video to DVD

Handing over any older media of family memories to be transferred is not done without concern for care of the precious nostalgia......Tony completely earned my trust as so many of his satisfied customers reviews can attest. From my first phone conversation with Tony, to step by step email communication from him, and his prompt attention, I couldn't have asked for more. Highly recommend Tony's services and would not hesitate to refer and to use him again!!

- Lisa from Audubon

02/18/2015 Video to DVD

Tony made the work fast and with high quality. I had 3 PAL VHS tapes which I needed to have transferred to DVDs. Tony’s price was more than reasonable. Besides that, he gave me priceless advise on software to use for editing. Tony is a high end professional and very friendly personality.

- Sergey Efuni from Princeton, NJ

02/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was very pleasant to work with,he explained the whole process before we gave him the films . The films are over 40 years old and Home Video did a great job. I really enjoy looking at family memories.

- Joann R. from Hainesport

02/11/2015 Video to DVD

Anthony was very awesome to work with. He went above and beyond to transfer my 15 year old plus 8mm video tapes to DVDs. He endured the 8mm video tapes shredding and repaired the tapes to ensure that as much video as possible of my family’s treasured videos was transferred to DVDs. I will recommend anyone to him for his impeccable work!!!

- Niger St. John from Pine Hill, NJ

02/05/2015 Video to DVD

I used for previous video tape transfers to DVD. However I was not happy with the end result. The transfers did not match up to the quality for the expensive price I was charged. Frustrated, I contacted Tony from Home Video Studio, because I wanted to save my memories from 25 plus years ago. From the beginning, Tony was courteous answering all my questions. When I received the DVDs I was surprised by the way the DVD case looked (it shows actual images of scenes from the tape). It looks fancy and it feels like a quality product. I also compared the same DVD video transfers between the two companies. One worked by vs. I don’t know what the folks at Home Video Studio do, but the video transfers by Home Video Studio look amazingly better than! Did I mention they are way cheaper and transfer the videos to a Platinum Archival DVD? Again thank you Mr. McCall.

- Jorge Chavatel from Caribou, Maine

01/28/2015 35mm slide transfer

I would highly recommend the service provided by Home Video Studio. I brought in several 35mm and 2.25 slides in the afternoon and they were transferred to Flash Drive the next day. Excellent service.

- Ken Sprankle from Maerlton

01/28/2015 Video to DVD

I endorse Home Video Studio with absolute confidence. You can expect classy and timely service at a very fair price! Tony handled everything with grace and answered all my questions. I know I will be doing business with Home Video Studio again.

- Matt Dibiasi from Philadelphia, PA

01/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a great job at transfering an old VCR tape of my parents home movies to DVD. The job was done in a very short period of time and the results were outstanding. I now feel I will be able to pass down some priceless memories to my children and grand children. I also thought the cost was very reasonable.

- Richard Rupolo from Mount Laurel NJ

01/05/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in transferring our old 8mm home movies to DVD. My husband and I watched the first half and he couldn't be more pleased! You have given us the greatest gift of preserving memories for eternity. I recommend you to everyone I talk to! Have a very Happy New Year! Thank you again!

- Trisha Mannion from Delanco, NJ

12/19/2014 Video to DVD

Tony not only produced some very professionally created video tapes to DVD transfers product in timely fashion, but is one of the nicest people you would want to meet!

- Barbara Inglessis from Moorestown, NJ

12/15/2014 Video Services

I was hesitant to use Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, any of those online product houses. So, I called Tony at Home Video Studio to see if he could transfer a video tape to a DVD without product infringement being involved. He suggested I just order the animated movie I was looking for through one of the above websites. I explained to him my hesitation and he so thoughtfully offered to order the DVD for me and I could pick it up at his place of business. I am truly grateful that he was willing to do this for me, as I'm hoping this particular DVD gift to my children will make them remember just how close we were when they were young & how very very much they still mean to me as they grow in age and independence. Tony will always be my 'go to' man when i need any home video copied or a commercial video purchased. He made it all so painless and it was really quick, too! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Tony and Home Video Studio and services they provide! ~ Donna LaGorga

- Donna LaGorga from Cherry Hill, NJ

12/07/2014 Video to DVD

I was referred to Tony through my sister who was very pleased with his services and the final product. It was done in an expedited time frame and was very impressed with the packaging. I have and will continue to recommend Tony's services. It was great to take a walk down memory lane. I have a few more to convert so I'll probably see you after the holidays. Thanks again Tony :-)

- Carol Hardin from Hainesport

12/01/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you Tony for transferring my mini video cassettes to DVDs! These videos are priceless to me, and I felt comfortable entrusting them to you for transfer. You were very easy to keep in touch with by e-mail and by phone, and delivered the end product exactly as promised. Thank you again for handling my project in a timely and professional manner.

- Lisa Castellani from Burlington, NJ

11/27/2014 Video to DVD

It was a pleasure doing business with tony we are so happy that he was able to keep our families history forever saved thank you again you are a true professional would recommend homevideostudio to do any transfer of any sort 5 star experience !!!!!!

- Joe Simonetti from Medford

11/26/2014 Video Services

Tony is top of the line. His personality and services exceeded my expectations transferring my family history to DVD. I was lucky to find his services in the local newspaper.

- Big Al from Delanco, NJ

11/21/2014 Video to DVD

I am employed in the travel industry and have 22 years of accumulated VHS tapes with information on various destinations. However, our new fleet of motorcoaches no longer has VHS equipment--everything is now DVD. Tony has been extremely helpful in transferring the information I need to use to the new format. He is professional and provides a very high quality product. I recommend him to anyone who needs this type of service!

- Jane - Starr Tours from Hamilton, NJ

11/17/2014 Video Services

Home Video Studio was God sent when I found out about this video/audio business! Tony McCall of Home Video Studio was able to convert a PAL version DVD to a U.S. version DVD, something we can all watch here in America, on U.S. DVD players. The converted video resolved a long lingering disagreement in my home country of Nigeria, because video/photos don't lie. Thank you very much Home Video Studio for a great job!

- Kayode Babatunde from Willingboro, NJ

11/15/2014 Video Services

Tony McCall and Home Video Studio have become our "Go-to" folks for all of our tape transfers to video files. Tony can handle the variety of formats that I require, and provides outstanding service!

- Joe Schreiber from Pennsauken, NJ

11/14/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you so much Tony for the wonderful job you did with my huge bag of movies! It was a pleasure to meet you and talk about how easy it would be to transfer my old tapes to DVDs. I didn't want anything fancy and just needed everything transferred and in no time you had forty or more two hour tapes on DVDs. It is so much fun to watch our family memories and I find myself laughing and crying as I see my children's first bath, birthdays, Christmas, school plays, sports and so much more. Everything is labeled and I can skip around on the DVD since the pictures on the cover help to see what I am looking for when searching for a special moment. I find myself calling my daughters to say that I found a funny event or a recording of them singing, dancing, etc. and I record it on my phone so that I can send it to them. Now they can't wait to watch the DVDs too. It is especially nice when I find an old recording of a family memory that has passed and the picture is so clear and I can hear their voice and just sit back and remember them as if it was yesterday. I am so glad that I finally brought my old tapes over to you and have preserved all of these priceless memories. I would not trust them to just anyone and I felt that they were safe in your keeping Tony! You are professional and personable and I will refer you to friends and family.

- Candace Morris from Burlington, NJ

10/30/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you Tony for doing a wonderful job of my video tapes to DVDs. I highly recommend your services!!

- DeWayne H. from Maple Shade, NJ

10/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Tony at Home Video Studio did a fabulous job transferring our family film and videotape archive to digital media. Some of the 8mm films we had were 60 years old. Tony treated them with the care required by objects that are truly irreplaceable. Everything came out beautifully, far better than I could have hoped. It is very reassuring knowing that these wonderful images documenting the history of our family now have a new lease on life, to be enjoyed by present and future generations. Tony's expert advice about this project were 100% on point. Now back to the cellar to search out more hidden gems for Tony to transfer!

- Ethan Tarasov from Pennington, NJ

10/08/2014 Video to DVD

Tony produced a quality product of all the tapes I wanted to convert to DVD. He also added some music to some old videos my wife family had and was very pleasant. Also I requested some copies which he radially supplied. I am very pleased with his work and have recommended his services to others.

- Alan from Delanco,nj

09/26/2014 Video to DVD

Tony loves his work and it shows with his professionalism, enthusiasm and personal attention to detail in the work I have trusted with him. One piece of work I left with him needed a quick turnaround and he met the deadline as promised. I just returned from my trip to Eastern Europe. Everyone, absolutely everyone, who attended my son's 50th birthday party sat and watched the video. They had never seen a home video such as what I showed them. It was fun. I will be returning with more VCR to DVD conversions and will brainstorm additional projects for his consideration.

- Barbara Fox-Cooper from Allentown, NJ

08/15/2014 Video to DVD

Tony did a fantastic job. He not only repaired my VHS tape, but did an excellent job transferring to DVD. The quality of the DVD was better than I'd expected. I expect to bring many more tapes for transfer.

- Dave H from Hamilton, NJ

08/08/2014 Duplications

Tony is amazing! I had old slides that I wanted reproduced digitally. Very fast service and great price. Highly recommend!

- Alan Beck from Marlton

08/01/2014 Video to DVD

Great quality work performed under a fast approaching dead line! I needed a VHS converted to a DVD for a surprise party and Tony delivered the goods in 48 hours! Rich from Cherry Hill

- Rich Schweitzer from Cherry Hill

07/14/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks for your great job Toni. I would not trust just anyone with my family treasure.

- Cathie from Moorsetown

07/13/2014 Video to DVD

I am so happy I found Tony and the Home Video Studio. In the 80s I had a small part on a soap opera, and I brought in some old VHS to to convert to DVD so I can show friends & family what I did in my youth (lol). I wasn't even sure if the tapes were still viable, but Tony converted them to DVD and the picture & sound quality are great! Tony is very pleasant, sticks to his timeframe and offers excellent value. I plan to bring some 8mm and audio tapes to convert next - Tony has a repeat customer in me!

- Juliet Reiter from Kearny, NJ

07/07/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had 3,200 feet of 8mm movies transferred to DVD by Tony at Home Video Studio. I tried a different company prior to using Home Video Studio, and I was not pleased. I then found Home Video Studio on the internet, and I’m very pleased with the service and results of my film transfers provided by Tony.

- Ben Bruno from Collingswood, NJ

06/24/2014 Video to DVD

Tony McCall came through in a pinch. I needed some VHS transferred to DVD for a father's day gift and he came through with flying colors. The work was excellent, the price was great, the timing was quick and my father-in-law and relatives loved it and want you to transfer more. Business will be coming your way as soon as I can organize it. Thank you again Linda

- Linda Nolan from Delran

05/28/2014 Video to DVD

Toni is the best! he did something for me that was needed immediately! no one would do that for me but he came through! I highly recommend his services! I am on my way there now to have him transfer some VHS's to DVD's. love your work Tony thanks very much I surely will spread the word! highly recommended

- Adrienne McGrath from Mt Laurel

05/12/2014 Video to DVD

On very short notice, Anthony McCall transformed a long rambling childhood vdieo into a touching, just-the-right length DVD. It was a great way to share memories at a bridal shower, and the bride-to-be was thrilled..

- Camille Introcaso from Collingswood, NJ

05/08/2014 Video Services

I needed many old slides copied onto disks and Tony did an excellent job. He takes time to explain, talk over and answer any questions you have. I would drive twice as far to have him do the job. Paula

- Paula Thoennes from Hamilton

04/16/2014 Video to DVD

Tony, your work was just what the doctor ordered. It was done very professional and will help me in future presentations. I thank you so much for all your help.

- Norman Kritz from Cherry Hill, NJ

04/16/2014 Video to DVD

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about you and your services. You once did a wonderful job converting my VHS Videos of my children to DVD. They were just wonderful, and we have never forgotten this. We have even told others about your service. I keep your E-Mail address in case we need to do something more. Thanks again Sir.

- John Hedegus from Whiting, NJ

04/15/2014 Video to DVD

Prompt courteous service, would definitely trust with my family memories and would use again.

- Alana M. from Phillipsburg, NJ

04/02/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you for doing such a great job transferring our videos to DVDs! Even the cover had snapshots from the video. What a special touch! This was Something I kept putting off! We had a movie night with the family and all enjoyed! To actually hear my kids voices from when they were toddlers is priceless. I have quite a few more to transfer and won't put it off after seeing all our memories again.

- Nancy Phillips from Mt. Laurel

03/17/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Tony - Thank you for going the extra mile and taking the time to transfer to DVD for us. Your work is excellent and we now are able to sit down at our big screen and watch the memories of our wedding 30 years ago and also our sons first steps. We now have a family dinner and DVD night each week. Thank You!!!!

- John from Hammonton

03/07/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Tony has provided timely, professional, and courteous service for each of our projects. We have transferred several thousand feet of home movies (8 mm dating from the 1940s) onto digital sources and he has treated each one personally. He provides titles, music, and professional effects which enhance the overall presentation. He answers any question you have and provides you with ideas and suggestions based on his experience and others that the customer can do on his/her own.

- Frank Richardson from Hopewell

03/04/2014 Video Services

Tony is one of the good guys. He listened to my concerns and addressed every issue. He took a great deal of time and effort making this happen for me. I plan to return in the very near future with another project for Tony. He is a class act and very professional. I certainly will recommend him to my friends.

- Bill Kling from Mullica Hill, NJ

01/31/2014 Video to DVD

At some point last month I realized, after losing both my parents, that I had all the 8mm family memories put onto VHS tapes, but they were getting old. After reading that it would serve these precious films well and help hold on to irreplaceable times in our lives if we had them put on DVD, I searched for someone who could do that for me. I priced this through Walmart and also Best Buy, but somehow I didn't feel confident leaving these tapes with them. I found Tony McCall of Home Video Studio. I sent him our 7 precious tapes and prayed that our tapes would be OK. The turnaround time was excellent and so were the results. He carefully put a cover page on each allowing us to go from scene to scene, which we were never before able to do. He does excellent work and I would recommend him to anyone who wants this job done, correctly, carefully... and most important perfectly. Thanks Tony for doing such beautiful work and keeping my family "alive" on screen.

- Marianne & Patrick Iadimarco from Lakewood, NJ

01/30/2014 Video Services

Our experience with Tony was fantastic. We had VHS tapes transferred to DVD and a memorial video of pictures set to music made for our grandmother. The video was amazing and he even restored some of the older photos in the video so the quality was beautiful. Everything was done very efficiently. I would highly recommend using his services!

- Jen Procaccino from Bordentown

01/08/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I just want to say thank you for the timely, professional work you do. It is very difficult to decide on who you want to trust with your old 8 mm movies when you are the only one in the family who has them. From the minute I talked to you on the phone I knew I had found the right company “Home Video Studio”. When I dropped them off at your business you put me at ease by explaining the whole process. You answered all my questions and concerns. I received everything you promised and at a fair and reasonable price. My Mother, Brothers and Sisters were all sent a copy right before Christmas. Needless to say, it was their favorite gift. My sons also received copies of their early years in addition to a DVD from mine. They were thrilled and watched it several times on Christmas Day. Thank you for helping make this a great Holiday! Jerry Jacobs,

- Jerry Jacobs from Bordentown, NJ

01/08/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Fantastic result from very old film. You went way out of your way to get the DVD completed in time. Thank you so much. I will be back with all of my VCR tapes and photos for you to turn into incredible DVDs. John R.

- John R. from Hamilton, NJ

01/06/2014 Home Movie Transfer

My son, the family genealogist, was thrilled with his Christmas present of the our family's 16mm film reels transfer to DVD, of our family members from the 1920's and 1930's! I was very happy with the quality of my family's 16mm film transfer to DVD, and I also appreciated the polite, attentive service. I'm now getting my many 35mm slides organized for transfer to digital photos and to Photo DVDs! Thank you Tony!

- Lucile Proctor from Princeton, NJ

01/03/2014 Photo Videos

Tony did a great job in taking 40 year old slides and making them bring back many memories to our family. My son never remembered seeing these pictures since he was about 8 years old at the time. He quickly took the disk and posted many pictures to Facebook. Since we only did 3 of 50 slide trays, I look forward to working with Tony in the future.

- Ed S. from Hamilton Square

01/02/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Dear Tony, I could never begin to tell you what a wonderful Christmas you created for my Sister and I. The DVDs were the perfect gift! Seeing the end result of your work with 8mm films, 5+ decades old, was magical. I had little hope anything could be salvaged but after our first meeting, I felt confident that our childhood memories were safe with you. Your work is outstanding and I will be a return customer for sure! Many thanks, Collene M.

- Collene M. from Berlin, NJ

12/29/2013 Home Movie Transfer

3 generations of our family were able to watch old home Super 8 movies and beautifully enhanced slide transfers this Christmas thanks to Tony and the Home Video Studio. Tony was a pleasure to meet and his customer service is excellent. Even though it was the busy season he managed to get my completed order to me even earlier than my deadline. The quality of the finished product was wonderful and "the best gift" according to my family. We will definitely be using Tony and Video Home Services services again!

- Jenny from Burlington

12/26/2013 Video to DVD

We had an extra special Christmas this year thanks to Tony. We watched, enjoyed, laughed, cried and remembered times gone by. It was especially nice introducing the little guys to family and friends they've only heard stories about as they left us too soon. Having the ability to watch the newly transferred video to DVDs was the best gift of all. Tony was great. His customer service is top notch and he kept us informed throughout the process. We are excited and looking forward to bringing more precious memories to Tony for conversion.

- John from Medford Lakes

12/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, Thank you so much for transferring my families 8mm home videos to dvds! We hadn't seen the movies in over 30 years & were thrilled to see all of our family moments come to life. The quality was amazing & you were wonderful throughout the process! You can't imagine how much this means to my family...Thank you so much!

- holly from princeton

12/16/2013 Video to DVD

I was looking for a DVD to VHS transfer. I was actually headed to Walmart for some commercial service when I found Home Video Studio on the web. Since it was in the area I decided to give it a try. I was thrilled with the service and the quality of the work. I would never have gotten the same service or quality at Walmart. The attention to detail and personal service were immeasurable. I am so happy with the work and will definitely refer them out as well as use them again. Great Job!!!!!

- Linda St Clair from EDGEWATER PARK

12/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a great job explaining various options for the transfer. The final product was more than we expected. We would not hesitate to use his service again

- Vince from Delran

12/12/2013 Video to DVD

Outstanding service and quality. My wife and I now have on DVD, many wonderful moments with our children that we thought would be lost forever. Thank You, we will be back now that I found more tapes!

- Danny Mejias from Burlington

12/10/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is fantastic. He really spent some time with me going through my videos before transferring to DVD. The quality of the completed DVD's is excellant and the finished product was received in a timely manner. I highly recommend him.

- Cecilia from Cinnaminson

11/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a great job transferring our family's home movies to DVD and he provided friendly, courteous and professional service throughout. Highly recommended!

- Ben Bruno from Collingswood nj

11/20/2013 Photo Videos

Tony, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful video you created in memory of my father. The way that you put the music to the pictures made everything transition so smoothly. I really appreciated all your suggestions as well! I have only watched a handful of the DVDs that you made from my Dad's 8mm video tapes, but I look forward to viewing them all and reliving old memories. Thank you again so much!

- Noelle Schultz from Edgewater Park, NJ

11/08/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Super quick turn around on converting my parent's 25th wedding anniversary VHS tape to DVD. They loved it! Tony was great to work with and I definitely recommend his services to anyone who has some old tapes they want to save.

- Francisco from Bensalem

11/05/2013 Video to DVD

I called Tony with an urgent project to transfer archival tapes to digital media. He was incredibly knowledgable and he accommodated my tight schedule without a problem. The work was great. I would definitely use his services again and recommend Home Video Studio to friends and colleagues.

- Risa Engel from Princeton

10/31/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a great job....quickly and reasonably priced. I would use his services again for sure.

- Richard from Willingboro

10/29/2013 Home Movie Transfer

More praise for Tony! After extensive research, regarding the transfer of our 8 mm films to digital media, I felt completely safe placing our precious memories in Tony’s hands… Tony is both professional and personable… He thoroughly explained the process and technology beforehand… The fees were incredibly reasonable, and the turnaround timeframe was very brief… The finished product far exceeded any expectations of recovering circa 1960 footage… Additionally, Tony took the time to enhance the DVD with perfect musical selections… Exceptional bonus! My family was thrilled, and we can now relive our fondest moments, not only for the remainder of our lifetime, but also share them with future generations… Tony is truly dedicated to bringing joy to the lives of others… Applause & kindest regards, good sir!

- Stacy Carroll from Mantua

10/25/2013 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the quality & restoration on the DVD since the film submitted was over 53 years old. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio.


10/25/2013 Video Editing

Tony, Thank you for being the creative source for my DVD art work and helping me start the issuance of professional looking DVDs. In the future as my business grows I can envision recruiting people into my enterprise and feel very confident that you will be my go to source in building my marketing through your expertise and conscious effort toward quality work. Layton

- Layton S. from Trenton, NJ

10/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a wonderful job transferring our family's home movies to DVD and he provided friendly, courteous and professional service throughout. Highly recommended!

- Gary from Yardley

09/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was so happy to find Tony and have him transfer my family's old 8mm film reels to DVD. He is very thorough in explaining what/how it is done. Our films didn't have sound and I especially enjoyed his selection of music that he added to our DVD. It was wonderful and made the movies feel that much more personal. I highly recommend Tony with no hesitation. Thanks Tony!

- Wendy from Barrington

09/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I cannot put in words how wonderful it was to view the DVD of those old 16mm films that Tony so masterfully transformed into a DVD. Tony is very personable and explained ever step of the way and produced a DVD that exceeded my expectations. Watching the DVD of relatives that have long since passed makes this DVD priceless. The price that Tony charged is very minimal for the happiness that it provided. I highly recommend Tony and I am so glad that he is practicing his craft that creates so much happiness.

- Rosemary Geri from Brigantine

09/24/2013 Video to DVD

I was so happy with the prompt courteous service by Tony at Home Video Studio! In a very short time I had my wedding VHS tape of 12 yrs beautifully restored onto a DVD. I had previously dealt with Costco for transfer to DVDs, very long wait time and there were mix-ups -- they deal with an outside company. I got personal service with from Tony at Home Video Studio for a few dollars more - worth every penny!!!

- Linda D. from Lakewood, NJ

09/24/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, Thank you very much for the excellent job you did on my film conversion. It was quite satisfactory in every respect. It was handled in a timely and professional manner. Your suggestions worked fine. It is wonderful to have these memories preserved for myself and family members. Your courteous and friendly manner was much appreciated by me. I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to anyone looking for the same results. Thanks again. GEORGE RAU, MT LAUREL, NJ.

- George Rau from Mt. Laurel, NJ

09/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is an outstanding professional! I had 9 reels of 8mm film dating back to 1947. What a joy it was to watch the DVD and see the video of my family's activities that I hadn't even remembered. Watching them brought tears to my eyes. Tony is a true craftsman and does a superb job. I would recommend him without hesitation. Thank you Tony.

- Patsy K. from Jobstown, NJ

09/07/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, you exceed your excellence in your trade. Looking forward to use you again and recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you, Michael Vajo

- Michael Vajo from Hamilton, NJ

09/06/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I had ten 8mm reels from 1971 and finally had them restored on a DVD. Was hoping for the best, knowing they weren't in the best of condition. I was so pleased on the final product and so happy to have the only family movies I have, now on a DVD and saved. Tony McCall was such a nice gentleman to do business with. I highly recommend Home Video Studio!

- Sandra S. from Bellmawr, NJ

08/24/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I brought to Tony bags of film from the 40's and 50's and he made sense of it all. Tony was wonderful. Our home movies are now on DVDs. He is professional, helpful, polite, trustworthy and very patient. I'm getting more home movies from our relatives so he can transfer it all and put it together so each family has its own unique DVD. These memories are priceless. The work was done perfectly, reasonably and we are all so much richer for having our family history to see and share.

- Mary Ann T. from Medford, NJ

08/14/2013 Video to DVD

Tony, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the 35mm & 110mm slides and my 8mm home movies. I never thought that they would turn out so outstanding !! You are truly a professional in your line of work. If you need any recommendations in the future, please feel free to contact me anytime. Your friend Bob Barsel

- Bob Barsel from Moorestown, NJ

08/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Once again, you have provided me with excellent service and an excellent end product. You have made myself, my brother, and my cousins very happy. We now all have Video of our parents, reminding us of a very happy time in all of our lives. WJ

- Wayne Jaworski from Bordentown

07/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Very professional, quick and exceeded my expectations. Thank youTony. My old home VHS films can now be a life time of memories.

- Ron Z from Columbus

07/12/2013 Video to DVD

We wanted to convert 3 full video tapes of our family history (about 150-8mm reels) to DVD. I wanted someone local since I was reluctant to send them in the mail. I checked the yellow pages and Tony's ad stood out. I called him and within a few minutes I had a high comfort level and full confidence that he would provide the quality conversion that we were hoping for. Pricing was reasonable and he delivered quality DVD's exactly as expected. Great Job - - -Thank you.

- Gene W from Cherry Hill NJ

06/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was most impressed with Tony's services. He was very professional and responsive. I felt very comfortable entrusting him with some very rare personal memorabilia and was pleased with the results. I will be using his services again.

- J. Patrick McCloud from Voorhees

06/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I needed to get a VHS transfer to DVD and I was extremely pleased with the quality. I also received A++ customer service from Tony, he was very helpful, great communication and he got the project done quickly. I HIGHLY recommend Home Video Studio!

- Bob Hittelman from Bordentown

06/09/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I thought I was going to have a difficult time finding a person or company to transfer my tapes to DVD, but once I found Tony (Home Video Studio) it turned out to be not difficult at all. Professional and excellent service. I couldn't be happier and plan to tell my friends about this service and Tony.

- Dale Donnelly from Willingboro

06/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I am so glad I discovered Tony and his Home Video Studio. We had a bunch of old VCR tapes that I had recorded years ago that are important pieces of family history. I didn't know what to do with them until I discovered Tony. He made them into DVD's and they look great. I recommend anyone to use his services. His prices are fair and his service is quick. Thanks Tony.

- Richard C from Willingboro

05/29/2013 Duplications

Thank you for your service! The duplication of the DVD's that you made for me were excellent! Fast service and professional results. Thank you Tony! I'll be using your services again.

- Don Bell from Beverly, NJ

05/24/2013 Video to DVD

Tony was great to deal with. My DVD's look awesome! I had over 50 little tapes that he transferred. These were all memories that would have been gone forever if I left them on these tapes.

- Debbie R. from Bordentown, NJ

05/13/2013 Video to DVD

Tony, I personally like the professional touch you've done by transferring my VHS tapes and having the video and audio come out perfectly in sync. I also like your attitude in regard to your customers always getting the BEST quality from their video tape transfers to DVD. Thank you, Bob Hand

- Bob Hand from Edgewater Park, NJ

04/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

What a great experience and professional service when guided by Tony. Tony was a tremendous instrument of knowledge and initiated step by step instructions to us when we recovered over 2000 ft of super 8 film and desired to transfer it to disc. Thanks Tony, we loved the results and were so pleased when we viewed the final discs. No question that in the very near future we will have Tony begin the transfer process of many VHS film to disc. Great job, with great results and we would highly recommend him to our family and friends.

- Charles Van Horn from Maple Shade, NJ

03/18/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, I wanted to let you know that when I located your business ad for Home Video Studio, it was the luckiest thing ever! I had recently found nine reels of 8mm film taken by my Grandparents all throughout Europe from the mid 1950's. Tony was my guide through the process of putting them on DVD and bringing back all those memories. It was like a time machine seeing my Grandparents again. Tony was very helpful in setting up and putting titles on the various sections of the DVD and the music he added in the back round was an added bonus. The quality of the DVD is amazing considering the film was almost 60 years old. Tony, I cannot thank you enough for the great job you have done on this project, and I know that I will be using you business again in the near future. Thank You, Alex S.

- Alex S. from Cherry Hill, NJ

03/05/2013 Video to DVD

Dear Tony, you have been so wonderful in helping me through the process of getting my VHS tapes and old family 35mm slides transferred to a digital hard drive. I truly would not have known what to do without your advice and guidance. You were also very patient in waiting for me to choose all of the slides I wanted transferred while the hard drive sat in your studio. I feel as though you have truly taken pleasure in helping me to preserve family photos and memories, and I am so very grateful!

- Tracy from Abington, PA

03/02/2013 Video to DVD

Tony at Home Video Studio transferred my wedding video from a Mini-DVCam to a DVD and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Tony was in constant contact from the start of the project up to the day it was delivered in the mail. The entire family is enjoying their DVD's!! I would absolutely recommend Tony's services and will use him again for any future projects. Thank you!!

- Jennifer Gualano from Brick, NJ

02/26/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, We brought our videotapes to you to have them transferred to DVD. The work that you did was done promptly and we love the way you put them in classy DVD cases with personalized covers. We'd recommend you and the wonderful service you provide to anyone with video work they need done.Thank you for helping us preserve our family memories. Ted Robb, Haddonfield, NJ

- Ted Robb from Haddonfield, NJ

02/25/2013 Video to DVD

Tony, I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did with my DVD's. The DVD duplications that you did of my wedding day is wonderful. The DVD case cover artwork and the DVD disc label's artwork is great! You made the process seamless and you were so professional. Everything came out fantastic! Thank you again:) Kaye

- Kaye A. from Hamilton, NJ

02/18/2013 Video to DVD

Tony is awesome. I found him online, emailed him, he got back to me right away, quoted me prices that were very reasonable, and made it very easy for me. He's easy to find, and easy to work with. He accomplished exactly what I wanted, and did so quickly, and for the right price. He was extremely helpful, thoughtful, professional, and went the extra mile to make everything perfect. He even did research online for the project, called me with any details and changes, and got everything done extremely fast. I couldn't be happier. I cannot make a stronger recommendation. I will refer anyone I can. Tony's the best!

Hi Tony,

Thank you again! The CDs sound awesome. The DVD looks great. You really did a fantastic job. I greatly appreciate your hard work, time, and expediency. I will recommend you to anyone I can!

Take care, Dave

- Dave N. from Cherry Hill, NJ

02/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We had the pleasure to use Tony McCall of Home Video Studio to undertake a significant project. We delivered to Tony 45 VHS tapes from the 1980s and 1990s which were taken when our children were growing up. The project was to convert these tapes into triplicate sets of disks (DVDs) for our three children. Tony did an excellent job - done timely, done very professionally, and done at a reasonable cost. Tony is highly knowledgeable, has excellent equipment, and is very easy to work with. Also, we were very impressed with how he artfully labels each disk. We would immediately use Tony again on any future project and we would highly recommend his services for any photo/video project. Thanks, Sam Ballam

- Sam Ballam from Bryn Mawr, PA

02/02/2013 Video to DVD

Tony, Thank you for the great transfer of my 35mm slides to a digital format. The DVD slideshow that you created from my 35mm slides for our family to watch on our TV is wonderful. You provided us excellent quality and service.  We now continue to watch our memories over and over.  Best of regards, Mike V.

- Mike V. from Hamilton, NJ

02/01/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, thank you, thank you, thank you! I stumbled into your office because of a great deal on groupon not realizing how happy the results would make me. The vhs tapes that I dropped off hadn't seen the light of day in 15+ years, and now I can show my grand kids their Moms as little girls. I appreciate the quality that you produced and the time frame that you had them completed in. Thanks again! Donna

- Donna McDevitt from Cinnaminson

01/28/2013 Video to DVD

Great service, fast, efficient and with a very personal approach.

- Yuri V. from Cherry Hill, NJ

01/26/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I would just like to thank Anthony McCall for going far and above his service and quality of work that he did for me. I recently moved to SC and wanted to give my mom and dad a DVD of our family memoirs which were transferred from old 8mm films. I did not know anyone back in NJ that performs this kind of service so I went online and spoke with Anthony McCall. I felt comfortable with his knowledge and I needed to get the films to his studio and he went above and beyond the normal call of duty and offered to go to my mom and dad's house and not only pick up the films but also drop them off. People in business just do not do this anymore. This has really encouraged me that all is not lost yet in America and people still have a sense of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. Having had my own business while we lived in NJ this is the kind of personalized service that I found out made my business a success. My family and myself were thrilled when we watched our home movies that were done with a spirit of excellence and the music that was put to them was tastefully done. My hat is off to Anthony McCall and his company. Please do not hesitate to use this man and his services. Do not even waste your time calling someone else. I also felt the price was more than reasonable. Please feel free to call me personally if I can be of any assistance: 1-(864)-457-1047. Please understand I am not a relative or being payed for this testimony. I was a regular customer and just so impressed you will be too.

- Anthony Carsella from Landrum

01/18/2013 Video to DVD

Tony, I just want to thank you for your quick response to my inquiry and the quick service you afforded me during your very busy holiday season. It was really important to me that I got my tapes transferred to DVDs and had DVD copies made of some of my home videos made for Christmas gifts. You worked me into your schedule and did a very quick turn around. Thanks again. Sandy from Mount Holly, NJ

- Sandy C. from Mount Holly, NJ

01/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, Thanks for a beautiful job getting our old 8mm movies restored to DVD! The DVD brought tears to our eyes, watching and remembering 40 years ago. I was so surprised that my film was able to be salvaged and restored. This was our family's best Christmas gift. I'll be seeing you again soon, as I have quite a few more family videos in VHS and other formats to have transferred to DVDs. Best regards, Rich

- Rich C. from Laurel Spring, NJ

12/27/2012 Video to DVD

Tony, thank you so much for transferring my daughters VHS to a DVD. The captions were great and you made it look modern. I also noticed the quality of the DVD, non scratch and platinum coating which last forever. We all enjoyed watching after such a long time. I would like to bring in my old 8 mm film to convert over. Sincerely, Joe Appio

- Joseph Appio from East Windsor, NJ

12/27/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was surprised, amazed and very happy with the final product produced by Tony McCall. Going into this project I had an idea of how it should be but was not certain my expectations could or would be met. They were all met and then some. I had old Super 8 videos from my daughter's early childhood converted. Some of those videos were 40 years-plus and they came out very clear. I also wanted various still photos incorporated at various stages of the DVD. When Tony told me he could also add music I searched back and found songs that were her childhood favorites and he was able to use them plus other Disney songs. I do not normally write recommendations for people or companies but actually feel compelled to in Tony's case. He is not only a stand-up guy but also a true professional. If you need movies transferred go no further. I am very happy with the final product and I am sure you will be too.

- Bill Rick from Hamilton, NJ

12/13/2012 Video to DVD

We had very old 8 mm films converted to DVD. This was completed within 2 weeks and done well. Also had a damaged wedding video form 1985 repaired and placed on DVD.. Tony not only repaired it and put the video in a new case but did an exceptional job with the DVD cover and presentation. Tony keeps his word and follows through with what he says he will do. I recommend HVS to anyone.

- John from Delran MJ

12/12/2012 Video to DVD

Tony honored my 2 day past due groupon. He was professional and very pleasant and helpful. Quality job. I thought it was a "fly by night" operation at first, then he showed me the the Home Video Studio website and many locations. I was very satisfied. Would recommend his HVS services.

- Sheryl from Eastampton

12/12/2012 Video to DVD

Thanks so much for making the memories come alive again! We've had so much fun watching the girls grow up. I have plenty more to send after the New Year. Thanks again for a job well done. I have mentioned you to many friends!

- Debbie from Havertown

12/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

This business really is professional! We were so happy to find a local service who could transfer our mini dv tapes to dvd for safe keeping and Tony is so professional and so nice! We have lots to transfer and are so happy to give him the business! We totally recommend this place to everyone! We were so worried because these tapes are so important to us, they are our children's childhood captured and we feel so confident and comfortable with Tony's program! The communication is so great! Go there! No doubt!

- Valerie from Maple Shade, NJ

11/16/2012 Video Services

I am very please with the respectful and courteous service that I received. Also very excited that my VHS tapes could be transfered. Which is a testament to tony's professional ability. Thank you

- Karen Price from Philadelphia

11/07/2012 Video Services

Tony transferred a very special video, our wedding video, to DVD. His service was exceptional. The service was completed in a very timely, professional manner. And the final product was beautiful! I would highly recommend this company to anyone for all of their digital video needs.

- Jen from Voorhees

11/05/2012 Video to DVD

Tony, Thank you for such great service and professionalism. Your quality work allowed for us to enjoy treasured family memories in great style. Will definitely work with you again!

- Angie from East Windsor

10/31/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for giving us back memories from Dad's 16 MM films from over 50 years ago. So good to see my folks again in all their vibrancy. My kids are going to love this. You do great work, Tony! BRAVO!

- Rita from Delair (Pennsauken)

10/23/2012 Video to DVD

Good communication and quick service. Price was reasonable and the dvds and tapes were mailed back to me. Thank you!

- Karel from Wenonah

10/23/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Quick, courteous service with an excellent work product. You can't ask for more than that. Thanks Tony!

- Brian from Columbus

10/12/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have nearly 1600 35mmm slides from 1957 t0 year 2000.Tony had converted these slides in to six DVD disks & made three copies for my three children. I found the job is excellent, professional & delivered to me on time. I learned working on this projectTony is a wonderful person & very courtious. God bless him & his business. I highly recommend him to anyone who need his help.

- Alikhan from Delran

10/12/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was so great to work with. I brought my old VHS tape in on a Saturday and picked up my fantastic DVD on Tuesday. This was my first attempt at this, our wedding video from 25 years ago. It was so easy to pop it in to the DVD player to relive that fabulous day! Even the still photos that Tony captured to place on the outside of the DVD Case. I'm trying to decide which VHS tape is next. I will definitely recommend Tony to my friends and Family! Such high quality and the pricing was fair too!

- Jackie from Delran

10/11/2012 Photo Videos

I showed up wanting to transfer movies to DVD but when I saw how capable Tony was at so much more, I decided to have a DVD made using yearbook photos for my class 40th reunion. All I can say is this.........I felt sorry for the DJ because no one was interested in dancing as they were crowding the dancefloor to get a look at the DVD that Tony produced using old photos. Needless to say, people are now wanting a copy of this DVD (in addition to the other DVDs I had Tony make for me). He was willing to work on this for me with little time to spare and really gave it his own personal touches which were so professional. I will definitely be using him again for future projects and I know some of my classmates will too!

- Debby from Shamong

09/23/2012 Duplications

What a professional job Tony did for me! I wanted to have my children's favorite 1980's christian music cassette tape converted to a CD. They loved it as children and now they have their own kids. This tape is no longer made and I searched to no avail to find it in CD form. I brought it to Tony and he went above and beyond by reproducing the multi-colored jacket with the song lyrics included. The CD sounded great and looked great too! I highly recommend him & his studio and plan on using him for my future projects.

- Vicky A from Cinnaminson

09/12/2012 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio did a wonderful job transferring my old video to DVD. The DVD was high quality and turned out fantastic.Tony was wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. The rates were very reasonable too!

- Bonnie from Ewing

09/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony made my wedding VHS tapes into DVD's! They are fantastic! Tony was a pleasure to work with. He kept me in the loop on when he received my shipment, when they were complete and when they were shipped! He did an excellent job! I told all my friends to get their videos made to dvd's with Tony!

- Debra from Monroe Township

08/23/2012 Video to DVD

Dear Tony, Thank you so much for helping me to accomplish a first anniversary gift. I was so glad we met, and I appreciate all that you did. My son and his wife, and all the family members were impressed with the videos. The video editing of my son's wedding which you put on a DVD was fabulous! And the Photo/Video Keepsake DVD of their many wedding photos which you put to music was wonderful and very touching. Thank you again, and I'll be working with you again. Sincerely, Linda

- Linda N. from Riverside, NJ

08/15/2012 Duplications

I want to thank Tony for his professionalism and prompt turn-around time on my Duplication order. I walked in with old and dingy video tapes and walked away with a professional set of DVD's. He did a beautiful job on the cases and the duplication was completed at a very high quality. A colleague of mine saw the type of work that he did and is now in the process of bringing her tapes to him as well. I would recommed Tony's work at any time!

- Wayne J from Bordentown

07/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer

It was a pleasure dealing with Tony. He transfered my parents old 8mm movies to a DVD. I received the DVD in two weeks which is awesome. I will recommend Tony to all my friends and family members. I cannot wait to see the express on my parents faces when they see these old moves. I want to thank Tony for his professionalism .

- Maria from Mantua, NJ

07/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We just finished watching some of the video! I was laughing till I cried and my now 22 year old son was too when he saw himself running and jumping and being a Ninja turtle! You have brought so much joy to our family with your great job! Such a great job with the transfer and the packaging!!! See you again soon!

- Sherry M. from Frenchtown

07/13/2012 Duplications

Anthony at Home Video Studio not only did a fantastic job transferring our wedding VCR format to DVD, he also took the time to clean debris from a second VCR tape and move that to DVD as well. Well worth the nominal cost.

- Bob from Medford

06/16/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was so great to work with. There were some problems with one of the tapes and Tony did a great job trying to fix it the best he could. We had 10 tapes transferred and we are so happy with them. I was on the phone with Tony all the time confirming so many details. Tony lets you have full control over the process.

- Robbie from Wynnewood, PA

06/13/2012 Video to DVD

We entrusted HVS with our wedding VHS tapes. We are glad we did. We got the DVD copies and the tapes back within a week or so of mailing them out. It was professional quality and well-packaged. Strongly recommend HVS.

- Jeff from Lansdowne

06/13/2012 Video to DVD

Tony is a wonderful person and a great businessman. He did a fantastic job transferring our family tapes to DVDs. We had the completed DVDs within a week of giving him the tapes. For any future tape transfers we will definitely hire Tony! We highly recommend him!!

- Dan and Linda Mazziotta from Berlin, NJ

05/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was a joy to work with. The videos look great and very professional. I feel better knowing my home movies are preserved in a way my grandchildren will be able to watch. Thanks, Tony.

- Judy from Voorhees

05/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony: Thanks so much for converting an old VHS tape that is very important to our family, to a dvd, looks and sounds great, and we can watch it over and over!!!!

- Maryanne from New Jersey

05/14/2012 Video to DVD

Tony was easy to work with and did a great job. I had two video tapes transferred to DVD and they turned out wonderful. I still have alot of tapes to be transferred and plan on sending more Tony's way. It's great to see these movies again.

- Diane Young from Drexel Hill

05/07/2012 Duplications

Tony transferred slides from family vacations to dvd--they came out beautifully and were easy to view on the computer. This is the second time we have used his services and we will do so again!

- Amy from Elkins Park

05/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, Thank you for getting our valued home movies transferred to DVD. The results are excellent! We have more movies to also be transferred and we will be back in touch with you. Regards, Frank

- Frank Klare from Delanco

05/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was wonderful - he knew I had a short time frame to get my tapes transferred to a digital file and he was flexible in meeting with me and the format in which we transferred my tapes. I have more tapes and will absolutely be back!!!! This service is amazing and catered to your needs. Thanks again, Tony!!!!

- Natasha from Philadelphia, PA

04/15/2012 Video Services

Mr. McCall is very professional and very nice person. He is polite and prompt ion returning emails, etc.. His video services are excellent. Upon reviewing our DVD's we felt like we were still in Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. They were so real life. We have spent many hours watching them over and over. Our memories are with us forever thanks to Mr. McCall. Now we can share them with our family. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to save memories. Excellent job we will certainly use his services again.

- Carol Shahin from Hammonton, NJ

04/03/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Mr. McCall was very nice and professional. My home videos mean the world to me and he transferred them onto dvd from vhs. The dvd's are very clear and I am pleased with his business. Thank you again Mr. Mccall.

- Tracey D Ford from Philadelphia

03/24/2012 Video to DVD

we are repeat customers, and that is the best testimonial of all! the work is great, affordable and tony is very helpful the whole way through the process. he's readily available and there are no "surprises" just an excellent product. thank you, we will be back again!

- karin l from jenkintown

03/20/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I'm thankful for Home Video Service's quick turnaround and great customer service. It was great knowing exactly where in the process my order was. I had an old VHS video that was very precious, so it was great to move it into the DVD format so I can continue viewing it's content over and over again without fear of ruining the video.

- Laura from Kendall Park

03/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Hey Tony, You are awesome! I can't believe how quickly you transferred our home movies onto DVD's. It is obvious that your training with the USAF taught you to get a job done quickly and efficiently! Kudos to you. Thanks for you service! Carol

- Carol from Beachwood

03/16/2012 Video to DVD

Thanks so much for completing my order perfectly and so quickly! I was floored that you could complete this project for me overnight. I will definitely be coming back to work with you again. This item really meant a lot to me. Sincerely, Francesca

- Francesca E. from Bordentown NJ

03/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer

The service is great and the product amazing! From start to finish, Tony made it an enjoyable experience. When dropping off the home videos to be transferred he asked me questions and let me title the DVD covers. Could not be a friendlier, more helpful man! The DVDs were completed very quickly and the final result is amazing. I definitely suggest getting your old home videos transferred at Tony's Home Video Studio!

- Rebecca from Trenton

03/05/2012 Video Services

Tony, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great job that you did with working with Jillian on the DVD for our recent 9th Annual Jimmy V Cancer Research CYO Classic. My staff did not give Jill as much time as I had originally planned and I appreciate you both compressing your production schedules to make this happen. The DVD played continuously throughout our 4 day event, attended by over 4,000 people on a 60 inch TV and the feedback we received on the results of your efforts was all positive. Looking forward to the next time we work together. Thank you, Bob --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Tony, Thank you very much! The video turned out terrific, the feedback we received was fantastic! You did a great job. Thanks again for all of your work, much appreciated and well received! Thank you, Jillian Moonan

- Bob and Jillian Moonan, The Hibbert Group from Trenton, NJ

03/03/2012 Video to DVD

Tony, Thank You for the amazing work you did for us on our VHS-C tapes to DVD transfers! We are so happy to be re-living some really fun memories, and our kids are having a blast seeing themselves as babies! The DVDs are so clear and we are thrilled to have captured these memories that are now so easy to view! Thanks - Fondly, Karin

- Karin L. from Jenkintown, PA

03/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is a really great guy. He listened to me and understood exactly what I wanted. I know he took his time and worked extra hard to personalize the wedding video I wanted transferred for my brother and his wife as a special Christmas gift. The video included a family video of the wedding, reception, and photos of the wedding. He included a song that was beautiful at the end of the video. I am completely satisfied with the end product and I will have Tony transfer more memories for me again.

- Melanie from Mount Laurel

02/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was very professional and quickly transferred and shipped by VHS tapes and finished DVDs. The end product was nothing short of awesome! I had my sister's wedding transferred to DVD and sent it to her for her 14th wedding anniversary! She cried when she received it and had a blast watching it with her husband and children. Thanks Tony!

- David M. from Newtown PA

02/28/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was very up front and honest with all the transfers including one that could not be done. I am very happy to have my children's childhood on dvd to share and rewatch as often as I want. I would recommend Tony as he is very professional and a caring person

- Kathy Wagner from Riverton

02/22/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was extremely pleased, every step of the way with Home video services. However, I was even more delighted when my old film was transferred to a DVD. Now a lasting cherished memory.

- Ruth Bredbenner from Manchester

02/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer

This was such a great experience. I learned of HVS through Groupon, and thought I would limit it to just one video. I ended up with 6 DVD's with great memories. I no longer had the camera that fit the 8 MM tapes so now having the movies, I can see my daughter's first birthday and vacation. Tony is incredibly nice and generous with his time. Very professional and quick with delivery. Thank you so much for your service. I have recommended you to family members and will continue to spread the word.

- Kirstie Fowler from Delanco, NJ

02/11/2012 Video to DVD

In 1997, after a rewarding 33 year FBI career, my retirement party was filmed on a VHS tape. I haven't looked at it until just recently. My grand kids asked to see it and that's when I found Tony McCall and HVS. What a great job they did, transferring the occasion to DVD. The finished product was of "studio quality" and so professionally done. My grand kids were thrilled and I would recommend HVS to anyone. Outstanding job.

- Bud Warner from Doylestown, Pa.

02/08/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did an excellent job! the service was quick and the videos turned out so great. we transferred old VHS-C tapes to DVD's. he even included pictures on the DVD cover and labeled them for us. the DVD are a great way to watch on the tv or computer! they are easily stored and so treasured! thanks Tony - i will be a repeat customer!

- karin l from jenkintown

02/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Our daughter played the lead role in her high school production of "Annie" 15 years ago. Tony did a great job of transferring the old VHS tape to DVD, even adding scenes from the play onto the DVD cover. We have several other old tapes which we plan to ask Tony to transfer. He is a super guy to work with - very personable and professional. Thanks, Tony!

- Tom from Pitman, NJ

01/27/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did a great job in transferring our 1950's 8mm file to DVD. What a great family treasure we have now. The addition of music (his surprise) really added life to our family history.

- Phil McGraw from Hainesport

01/20/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I feel so lucky to have met Tony. He did a great job transferring my old VHS tapes to DVD's before they were lost to time. He did a profession job and I plan to send him many more tapes.

- Malinda from Penn Valley, PA

01/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is a fellow USAF Retiree he did a get job in transfering my memories over to DVD. Now I have them for life.

- Paul Arthur from DELRAN NJ

01/17/2012 Video to DVD

I had wanted to have my daughter's Wedding VCR tapes transferred to DVD. I met Tony from Groupon and I must say he did a great job, and a very quick turnaround. He was delightful to work with and very personable. My husband and I were both very impressed with his professionalism and expertise. I would not hesitate to use Tony again nor to recommend him to my friends.

- Bernice from Medford, NJ

01/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did such a wonderful job transferring my home videos to DVD. The camera that was able to play those tapes crashed many years ago so it has been a long time since we have since these videos. My younger children just sit and watch the memories of their older brother and laugh and laugh! I love the great case they come in and how he puts pictures of the different chapters on the cover. I'm sure there are many places to pick from, but Tony is by far the best! Thanks for giving us those memories back!!!

- Jennifer Lacey from Havertown

12/29/2011 Home Movie Transfer

My husband loved watching all of our old movies on the DVD's! Tony did a wonderful job transferring many tapes onto 13 DVD's in only a week so that they could be ready for all to watch on Christmas. We are having so much fun watching them! I am recommending Tony to my friends and family since he did such a great job!

- Jody from Eastampton

12/29/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is great and did a wonderful job on our videos! We look forward to all our family movies being transferred to DVD. Our 1st 2 were a big hit during the holidays with family and friends as we were able to watch our memories for the 1st time in years! Thank you Tony and Home Video Studio!

- Debbie from West Trenton

12/22/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony and the folks at the Home Video Sudio are fantastic! Not only did they do a great job of transferring my old VCR tapes onto DVD's, they added great pictures to the cover s and the DVD labels. And their customer service is second to none! Turn around time was also very quick! Highly Recommended.

- carole from sayreville

12/20/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony transferred my wedding videos from a type of media that my husband and I could never watch to DVDs. He is a pleasure to work with and was very quick with the delivery of the finished product. I can't wait to give them to my husband for Christmas so that we can then have Tony edit them for us.

- Dawn M from Bordentown

12/18/2011 Home Movie Transfer

extremely pleased with my videos and with Tony's pleasant and convenient service!.I have recommended him to all of my family! Can't wait to give my videos as presents at Christmas. I will surely be back to finish transferring my video collection! thank you!!!

- laurie from cinnaminson, nj

12/13/2011 Video to DVD

Tony was great. He delivered just what I requested in the time frame he promised. I loved the festive packaging and thumb-nail images are really helpful for navigating. I haven't tried yet, but Tony was also very helpful giving me direction so I can edit the DVDs. I'll be bringing another set of tapes for transfer soon.

- Jane from Haddonfield

12/13/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was very friendly on the phone, and promised the finished product within two weeks. It arrived sooner that promised and the quality was excellent. I had home movies that were on a video transferred to a dvd and am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Tony's Home Video Studio to anyone with videos to transfer.

- Amy Mendelsohn from Elkins Park

12/04/2011 Video to DVD

Tony is awesome! I am over the moon with my videos and the quality of his service. Tony is pleasant, professional and the turn-around for my job was amazingly quick. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed! I am passing his name to all of my friends. Tony is a find!!!

- Sandra from Philadelphia

11/27/2011 Video to DVD

Absolutely - Tony was wonderful! I feel like I've known him for a long time. Oh yes, my DVD's turned out just fine! I can even pick which scenes I want - Thank you Tony! I do plan to recomend you.

- Judy Sassano from Cherry Hill

11/23/2011 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the promptness and the clarity with which the VHS tapes I sent to Home Video Studio were transferred to DVD. I will certainly continue to use their services to transfer further VHS tapes to DVD.

- Rose Grelis from Springfield PA

11/23/2011 Video to DVD

I had an old VHS tape digitized since I no longer have a VCR with which to play it - wonderful results. The DVD quality is excellent and the format is very conventient - you don't have to start at the beginning - many entry points.

- Marcia C. from Millstone Township

11/17/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony is fantastic! I am completely thrilled with my videos and the quality of his service. Tony is pleasant, professional and delivered my videos quickly. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed!

- Cecilia Still from Cinnaminson

11/14/2011 Home Movie Transfer

If you go to anyother video service, you have made a BIG mistake !!! There is nobody better than TONY

- Bob PTA from Burlington

11/14/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Great job, fast service,Tony delivered as promised in a very timely manner.

- Joe C. from Philadelphia

11/13/2011 Video to DVD

I was Blessed to find Tony and Home Video Studio when searching for a soucre to transfer my 19 year old wedding video VHS tape onto DVD. Each of my communications with Tony were an absolute pleasure. What a nice man! If I ever need any other video service or know anyone who does I will, without a doubt, be using Tony again. I am 100% satisfied and highly reccommend his service.

- Dawn from Matawan

11/13/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did an amazing job, quick turnaround and kept me informed thru the process. I was surprised that the back cover of the DVD case had pictures taken from the videos. I am certainly going to recommend his service to everyone I know. Thanks again.

- Phil Conroy from Aston, PA

11/07/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony did such a great job transfering our old camcorder tapes to DVDs complete with titles, scenes, DVD case with thumbnails, and I could go on and on! Loved it all and can't wait to have more of tapes done! Excellent!!

- Rebekah S. from Burlington Twp., NJ

11/06/2011 Video Services

Very satisfied with Home Video Services! Tony's work was perfect, done in a timely fashion, and reasonable to boot. I would definetely use his services again! ThanksTony!!

- Heidi from Ivyland, PA

11/02/2011 Video to DVD

Tony is a nice, nice person and I feel like I have a new friend. He is always kind and gracious in his e-mails. I was so excited to get my VHS tapes converted to DVDs. I had wanted to do it in the past but was always afraid to part with them that they would get lost or ruined in the process. I actually dropped my VHS tapes off at Tony's studio and he had them back to me within a week. They are perfect!!! I am so excited to give each of my kids a copy of them in their early years. I would HIGHLY recommend Tony and the "Home Video Studio". Can't say enough nice things about him. Can't wait to use his services again. He is also a Veteran and served our Country proudly. All the more reason to support him!!!

- Nancy from Sewell

11/01/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony McCall's unique ability to restore and transfer my family's "old home movies" is nothing short of phenomenal. I found in my mother's exceedingly musty basement, films almost 60 years old. I really thought they could not be restored or transferred, given their horrible and decaying condition. Yet, Mr. McCall took those "ancient" films and created such a moving, beautiful and touching collection of my late beloved relatives, that I was actually moved to tears. As a retired broadcaster, I am very "fussy" about audio and video projects; yet Tony took these old movies and several of my old broadcasting summaries and transfered them to perfection. I never thought I would be able to see my father,grandfather, my sister and others who have died "alive" again, yet Mr. McCall was able to bring them "back to life",in a very real and crystal clear electronic way. Honestly, I urge anyone thinking about using his services to talk with him- he adds appropriate music, uses titles and packages all of your treasures into a handsome jewel case, all for a very reasonable fee. I cannot thank Tony and his staff for such a fantastic job; and am glad to be able to explain to people about his superb talents. Very highly recommended. John C. "Mac" McCormick

- Mac McCormick from Milford, Delaware

10/31/2011 Video to DVD

Terrific service in refreshing years-old recollections. Great service from a really nice man with whom doing "business" was a pleasure.

- Jerry from Jenkintown

10/29/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio converted my wedding video VHS to DVD and it turned out great. The quality is top notch and they did it super quick. Thanks.

- Scott B from Voorhees

10/27/2011 Home Movie Transfer

We hadn't been able to view our wedding day video since we got rid of our VCR a few years ago. When I came across Home Video Studio's ad, I quickly mailed my video to have it converted to a DVD. I immediately received numerous emails from Tony, the owner, updating me on the status and offering future discounts. I soon after received more emails telling me that my DVD had been completed and was shipped! To my pleasure, it was waiting for me in my mail THAT DAY. Not only was it done quickly, it was completely professional and even had a personalized DVD cover! I highlyl recommend Home Video Studio for any digital or video needs. I plan on using them again!

- Sheridan Novitch from Toms River

10/26/2011 Video to DVD

Tony was incredibly friendly and helpful. He made the whole process painless and even enjoyable and finished my video very efficiently and without issue. I would definitely come back here for any video servicing I need.

- Courtney Claffy from West Friendship

10/16/2011 Video Services

Tony did a fantastic job transferring my VHS to DVD. The quality was excellent, the service superb. He hs my future business. He is also a great man who served our country well.

- Joe from Hamilton, NJ

10/09/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony responded very quickly to my initial contact and addressed all of my questions, plus communicated with me throughout the process so I would know what he was going to do and what to expect. He transferred an old home video from VHS to DVD and got it back to me more quickly than I would have expected. The quality is excellent, the cost was excellent, and talking to Tony is like talking to an old friend. I will happily continue to give him my business for any future transfers that I need to have done. I highly recommend him and his services.

- Pat C. from Hillsborough

09/28/2011 Video to DVD

I had an old step aerobics tape that was starting to go bad. I didn't want to lose it because I had the workout memorized, but I couldn't copy it to a DVD myself. Tony transferred my very old exercise tape to a DVD. He was very friendly & professional and the job was done quickly. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Kitty Martin from Delanco, NJ

09/21/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Tony was a great! He changed my VHS to DVD so fast and they came out perfect! Great quality. and the cover and case it came in was perfect!Great service!

- Heather from Delanco

09/21/2011 Video Production

Tony was amazing! He made a video keepsake for my grandmother's 100th birthday party. For weddings, birthdays, etc... the video keepsake is the best gift! I would highly recommend Tony McCall. He is very professional and his work is amazing.

- Candy T. from Sewell

09/12/2011 Video to DVD

Absolutely amazed at how fast they were able to convert my old vhs tape into a dvd. Come out perfect, and at more than a reasonable cost

- Roy Schillaci from Jackson NJ

08/22/2011 Home Movie Transfer

When it came time to transfer our family vcr tapes to dvds, I did some research and found Tony's Home Video Studio website. Tony was accomodating and very easy to work with. We now have dvds in cases that are clearly marked with titles and thumbnails. And the price was right! Thank you Tony! Michele and Phil

- Michele from Stratford, NJ

07/29/2011 Video Services

I had long wanted to convert my VHS tape to DVD format for obvious reasons. Tony was able to do this for me with a minimum of trouble and inconvenience. He was always in contact with me and the product arrived promptly at my door when it was done. Thanks a lot again for your services!!!

- Ken K. from Philadelphia

07/25/2011 Home Movie Transfer

You know how there are some videos you really love and don't want to lose? Tony transferred a treasured video onto a DVD for me, and now it's safe. Thanks very much, Tony, and for doing it so fast. Best wishes, Jenny

- Jenny from Philadelphia

07/22/2011 Video to DVD

The VHS to DVD transfer I asked of Tony just yesterday, was an urgent job.  He not only handled it in 3 hours, but he provided a lot of other hurry up help that I needed as well. This is a very professional operation and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.  Many thanks Tony! Tom

- Tom H. from Mt. Laurel, NJ

06/28/2011 Video to DVD

Warm, friendly response to my phone inquiry. Clear directions on how to follow-through with my order. Very pleased with the quality and timing of the service provided. All in all, a great experience.

- Rich from Avon by the Sea

06/25/2011 Duplications

Tony transferred a VHS tape to DVD and made 15 copies for me. The job was done amazingly fast: he called to say it was complete in half the time he'd promised! Also, Tony took a genuine interest in my nostalgic family video and treated it with care. The final product was perfect. I can't wait to distribute this archival piece of my family's history to my siblings and close friends.

- Van from Riverton

05/27/2011 Video to DVD

Tony transfered some VHS onto DVD. I was obviously concerned about losing the content of the tapes, and a little worried about sending them in the mail etc. Tony was prompt and professional, and kept me up to date all along the way. It really helped reassure me that things were going well. I received the DVD's about a week later. I'm very pleased. Matt

- Matthew Farley from Doylestown

05/20/2011 Video to DVD

Mr. McCall, I just want to thank you for the outstanding job you did regarding the transfer to DVD of my boxing tapes. It was greatly appreciated and well worth the price and thank you for the discount.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs this kind of work done.  Your work is very professional. Thanks again and God bless you, Peter Allen

- Peter Allen from Philadelphia, PA

05/14/2011 Duplications

Awesome job, Tony! You got me what I needed, when I needed it. Keep up the Great work. Thanks again!

- Vinny G from Wall

05/13/2011 Video to DVD

I'm from near Atlantic City and I traveled an hour and a half to Tony's studio. I'm extremely glad that I did. Tony did an excellent job, he paid attention to detail and got me what I needed at a fantastic price. I'm going to spread the word. Local video transfer services didn't even respond or were way too expensive, with gas prices skyrocketing it was STILL worth the trip!

- Chris Mursheno from Linwood

04/20/2011 Video to DVD

Tony copied my wedding VHS to DVD quickly, efficiently with great communications. His fee's were quite reasonable for top notch service!! He is highly recommended.

- Bill Thomas from Toms River

04/11/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio of Edgewater Park, NJ did a great job in transferring our home videos of our wedding from 13 years ago from VHS to DVD! I was actually surprised to see the quality get better with the transfer from VHS to DVD. Tony, the owner of Home Video Studio, really did a TOP notch job and the customer service was superb - which you don't find too much these days!! I was kept in the loop at each stage and my questions were answered promptly! Home Video Studio received my two VHS videos on a Wednesday and we received the final product the following Tuesday! I would definitely recommend (and entrust Home Video Studio of Edgewater Park) to anyone and everyone!

- A. Ciuca from Souderton, PA

04/06/2011 Video Services

I have read all of the testimonials that others have written about the services that Tony provided them. NONE of them can express my emotions or feelings about the job he did on my asssorted movie, VHS, 8mm, super 8, etc.. A person of Tony's caliber is found once in a lifetime and I am so elated that I found him by accident, and that I will be forever grateful for his work. He is the most dedicated and concerned individual I have ever met in my 77 years of existence, and is in the persuit of perfection. In my opinion, shame on you if you don't tell your friends, relatives and neighbors about the excellent quality of his work, and customer service which he provides.

- Bob Ptaszenski from Burlington, NJ

03/21/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I was so pleased with the personal service Tony provided. We gave him a real challenge with 55 year old movies, some on cartridges. We are so pleased with the results!

- Amy from Flemington

03/02/2011 Video to DVD

Using the internet for services can be tough - I like to know with whom I am dealing. For this reason I was pleased to be able to drop by and meet Tony to chat a bit and drop off our 8mm film for conversion to DVD. Two things to say: the work was done well and we love it! Secondly, I try to only deal with good people, and Tony is good people!

- Tom from Hamilton Square

01/19/2011 Video to DVD

I would like to thank Tony for professional service provided on the transfer of my VHS to DVD tapes. I would recommend him completely.

- Tony from Marlton NJ

12/15/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I cannot believe how lucky I was to find Tony and Home Video Studio while searching online for a company to transfer a home video VHS tape to DVD. My entire interaction with Tony from my inital phone call through the receipt of my new dvd has been an absolute pleasure. The turn around time on my video transfer, the cost, and the customer service was beyond my expectations. If I ever need any other video service or know anyone who does I will, without a doubt, be using Tony again. I am more than 100% satisfied and highly reccommend his service.

- Jennifer from Woodlyn, PA

12/15/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I wanted an easy, no-hassle way to get my twenty-year old video tapes put into DVD format. I'm so glad I found Tony and the folks at Home Video Studio. He responded quickly to my request, communicated in a straightforward way, and exceeded my expectations for turnaround and quality. The price was reasonable, and for me it was the quality of my interaction with Tony that made it all worthwhile. If you're looking for a partner to help you get your old stuff memorialized on the latest technology, look no further than Home Video Studio. I'm a believer-- Thanks, Tony!

- Dan from Flemington, NJ

11/24/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I was very fortunate to find Tony's business . He was able to complete my job in the 24 hour window that I needed. Many thanks for a quality job on such short notice.

- Bob from Delran

11/22/2010 Video to DVD

I had 15 VHS tapes that my husband recorded of our church services from several years ago that I needed to have transferred to DVDs. I also had several VHS tape recordings which contained memorial services of family and friends who had passed away. I also needed extra copies of the DVDs to give to family and church members. Thankfully I found Tony's Home Video Studio web site when I did an internet search for VHS tape transfers to DVD. Even better was that his business was so close to my home! I bought my tapes to his studio and he was very patient in understanding what I needed to have done. He completed my project in just 2-3 days! The graphics on the DVD cases and on the DVD discs are very professional. Thank you Tony for your great work and patience of listening to my requirements. I'm referring you to all my family and friends. As I told you, my other 20 or so tapes will be bought over to your studio soon to be transferred. Thank you very much, Doris.

- Doris W. from Burlington, NJ

10/28/2010 Photo Videos

Hi Tony, I just wanted to let you know that the "Keepsake" was a big hit, especially with my husband who really didn't get to view it until after the party because he was so busy greeting everyone and the night just flew by. But when he got the chance to sit down in the quiet of our home last night, he was really touched by the photo selection, and the beauty of the "Keepsake." It is just that, a "Keepsake" forever. Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely keep you in mind for future photo/video needs.

- Terry M. from Shamong, NJ

10/05/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I had some tapes with video footage from old performances I thought were lost forever, but Tony from Home Video Studio was able to get the video from the tapes into a digital format I can play on my computer or DVD player. The turn around time was quick and great service!!! I digging up more tapes to get transferred, as I write this. Thanx again Damon

- Damon from Roosevelt

09/29/2010 Video to DVD

I want to thank Tony for handling my VHS to DVD transfer. I had a VHS video, which captured scenes of search and rescue operations at Ground Zero on 9/11/01 and 9/12/01. I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT and took an EMS crew to Ground Zero in an ambulance. Tony assured me the transfer would be professional and confidential and he kept his word. He understood how I felt about the video, which was taken first hand by a fellow rescuer and friend. Neither my friend, nor I wanted the video footage to be made public and wanted the DVD for our own use. I liked the fact that Tony is USAF Retired, as my father is USMC Retired, so I felt I could trust Tony (even if he wore USAF Blue LOL). Thanks again Tony and I know where to go for my future video services.

- Joe from Palmyra, NJ

09/24/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Tony performed the impossible; he took priceless family memories that were 35 years old and put them into a permanent, modern media that was even a better quality than the original! I am beyond impressed with the product and the result, but there is more...Tony took our "RUSH" request and did his best to make sure the movies were transfered in time for a family visit. My expectations were surpassed for both service AND the end product.

- Jennifer M from East Greenwich, NJ

09/17/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Tony, I would like to compliment you on your professional transfer of our family video's to multiply DVD's. Everything from the quality of the DVD, to the disc case graphics, to the promised delivery date, far exceeded our expectations. I have no reservations about recomending you, and your company, to anyone. I will use your services in the future. Best of luck Joe

- Joe from Mercerville,NJ

09/15/2010 Video Services

Tony exceeded all expectations for my video services. His professionalism and customer service is superb. The final product was delvered with quality and ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Tony and Home Video without reservation.

- Fred Wasiak from Maple Shade

09/11/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Around 3 months ago, I found 35 reels of 8mm film that was stored in a box in a closet of my parents home. The film is at least 40 years old! I was afraid to mail them anywhere to have them transferred to DVD. While searching on the internet, I found Tony and his Home Video Studio located in Edgewater Park, NJ and I am glad that I did. I was so comfortable in bringing my film in person to him, and most importantly, I am extremely pleased with the results! The DVDs that were created from the film were so incredible that I went back to Tony to have copies made for family members. Tony is a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely use his services again

- Jeffrey B from Freehold, NJ

09/11/2010 Home Movie Transfer

The transfer of our home movies to dvd has given us hours of renewed pleasure reliving memories. The quality is excellent, your service is excellent and the timing was prompt. Thank you. We are very pleased and are happy to recommend your work.

- Angela T. from Cherry Hill, NJ

09/03/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I went to Tony simply by luck, after finding his service through Google. I found Tony to be courteous, accomodating, professional, and he delivered on time. He did a great job transferring some VHS and 8mm home movies to DVD. He was creative and added touches that made te results great. I would (and already have) recommended him to friends needing the same service.

- Carol from Mount Laurel

08/15/2010 Photo Videos

Thank-you so much for the wonderful video you made for us. As you know this was a Birthday Gift that I gave to my father and he was truly surprised. I highly recommend to everyone the outstanding services I received.

- Gloria from East Windsor, NJ

08/13/2010 Home Movie Transfer

After my father passed away unexpectedly, I inherited tons of 16mm film reels. After speaking with Tony on the phone regarding his services, I readily shipped them all to him. A short while later, I received word that he had transferred everything to DVD and was extremely impressed with the quality. The movies were from the early 1950s and the quality was beyond my wildest expectations. The video and colors were crystal clear and I was able to see first-hand why Tony was so enthusiastic about me watching the footage for myself. I was floored by the job he did. It was such a wonderful gift for my entire family to be able to sit down and watch such fantastic quality film of my wonderful father after his death. I have since shipped my 35mm slides to Tony for him to scan the slides and have the photos transferred to CD since I was so impressed by his work. Next on my list - my old VHS tapes!

- Christina S. from Reading, PA

08/10/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Great Service!!!! You provided so many great suggestions & the quality of the films are wonderful. My parents (and 6 brothers & sisters) really enjoy being able to see these old home movies again! Thanks again!

- Michael F. from Mt. Laurel

06/28/2010 Photo Videos

my husband and I received a photo video commemorating our 27th wedding anniversary. You took photos of some of our favorite moments spent together over the years and created a lasting video memory that we will cherish for the rest of our life. The quality of the video was second to none. As time passes by photos tend to fade, but this is a way of capturing those memories and keeping them forever. Thanks Mr. McCall for such excellent service and attention to detail. We look forward to working with you to help us preserve other memories from our life together. What a wonderful way to pass on the heritage of our family to our children, grandchildren and future generations!

- Michelle Nichols from Hurlock

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